The Architecture of The World's Capital of Culture and Art, Paris, was Discussed as Part of the "Exploring Architecture with VitrA" Program

The joint project of VitrA and Istanbul Bilgi University, the program of "Exploring Architecture with VitrA," encompassed the organization of two seminars at which the architecture of Paris, the world's capital of culture and art, was discussed. At the first of the seminars held at the University's Central Campus on May 9 and 13, the history of the city, the architect Virgine Picon-Lefebvre, and the La Défense quarter of Paris were the topics reviewed. The history of the city's architecture was related by theorist Pierre Pinon, who spoke of the urban transformation initiated in Paris by Baron Georges-Eugène Hausmann that took place in 1852-1870 during the era of the second empire.

VitrA, a solution partner focused on architecture and producing good architectural applications since its establishment, has been collaborating for 8 years with BİLGİ-MİMARLIK (BİLGİ-ARCHITECTURE), Istanbul Bilgi University's Architectural Design Master's Program, in an effort to contribute to and form a foundation for the contemporary education and training of the architects of the future. In their "Cities of the World" class, the students of architecture study the world's largest metropolises in terms of the types of forms and buildings that have been added to the treasury of modern architecture. VitrA contributes to the organization of architectural field trips to these cities so that students can observe on a first-hand basis. Enriched by exhibits, panels, books and other media, the project so far has extended to the study of Vienna, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Hamburg. This year's destination is Paris.