VitrA Becomes The First EU Eco-Label Brand in The Turkish Ceramic Industry

VitrA has become the first Turkish ceramic brand to earn the right to use the prestigious European Union Eco-Label on a broad range of tile products. EU environmental authorities have approved the ecological sustainability, environmental sensitivity, environmental performance and other qualities of selected VitrA tiles, which are produced with significantly less water and energy than competitor products and create minimal harmful waste. Not only does this achievement confirm the efficacy of VitrA’s measures to conserve energy and natural resources in management, design and production, use environment friendly packaging, and reduce carbon emissions, it also places VitrA at the forefront Turkey’s emerging eco-label movement.

Ahmet Yamaner, Vice President of the Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division (Tiles), had the following to say about VitrA’s latest achievement: “We believe that sustainable development can only be achieved through the efficient use of energy resources during production. In line with our sustainable development philosophy, which we call Blue Life, we strive to conserve resources in every management, design and production process. VitrA was the first brand in the Turkish ceramic industry to attain ISO 14001 Environment Management System and TS EN 16001 Energy Management System certification.  Now, we are proud to be the first to qualify for the EU eco-label, given only to those brands that comply with nine EU criteria and have a minimal negative impact on the environment. In the years ahead, we will continue to contribute to the sustainability of life on our blue planet.”