VitrA Sets The Environmental Standards for It's Sector in Europe

VitrA has become Europe’s first and only ceramic sanitaryware manufacturer to receive the Type III Environmental Product Declaration, which is the most comprehensive Ecolabel standard in the world. The certificate for the declaration was issued by the independent German Institute for Construction and Environment (IBU) after 6 months of inspection and evaluation that was carried out with consulting from PE International. The declaration is backed with quantitative data documenting VitrA’s environmental performance, showing that a 100% transparent business process is employed throughout the life cycle of the company’s ceramic sanitary ware, from the time that raw materials are procured from nature until waste products generated by the manufacturing process are returned to nature.

Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division Vice President Atalay Gümrah points out that this certification documents the fact that VitrA is a leader in environmental label standards in the international ceramic sector. Mr. Gümrah went on to say, “We must use and manage our natural resources efficiently in order to achieve sustainable development. At Eczacıbaşı Building Products Group, we follow a principle we call Blue Life in which we take care to conserve energy and natural resources and reduce carbon emissions in all of our production, design and management processes. The Type III Environmental Product Declaration is very important for documenting the fact that our processes are 100% transparent. In 2011, in addition to the numerous certificates and awards we have received for energy efficiency, VitrA became the first ceramic brand in Turkey to receive the European Union Ecolabel for its ceramic tiles. Another example is the metal waste recovery project for our Artema branded faucets, which has made it to the finals and will represent Turkey at the 2012 European Business Awards for the Environment to be held in Brussels.”

The holistic environmental performance of VitrA products is documented by the Type III Environmental Product Declaration, which conforms to ISO 14025 as well as the new EN 15804 standard for the sustainability of construction materials. VitrA received the first ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate in Turkey and the second of its kind in the world in 1999, the OHSAS 18001 Certificate in 2008 and the first EN 16001 Energy Management System in its sector in the world in 2010. In 2012, the company completed the transition from EN 16001 to the ISO 50001 Energy Management System.