YAP Istanbul Modern: New Architectural Program

YAP Istanbul Modern operates in cooperation with The Museum of Modern Art, MoMa / MoMA PS1: Biannually in the summer months, the New Architecture Program will present an opportunity for young and rising architects to create a temporary structure that will be built in the outdoor spaces of the Istanbul Museum. VitrA will be among the sponsors of this event and the first temporary structure to be built in this context will be the "Sky-gazing Stopping-Place" designed by SO? Minimal ve Fikriyat (Architecture and Thought). The application will be built in the gardens of the Istanbul Modern and will remain there for the course of the summer, to be viewed by museum visitors of all ages and used for events organized particularly for young people. International YAP: The suggested works received from all of the finalists participating in the New Architecture Program will be exhibited to viewers at a simultaneously presented joint exhibit at Istanbul Modern, MoMA PS1, MAXXI and CONSTRUCTO. YAP (New Architecture Program) Istanbul Modern: The New Architecture Program will be open for viewing June 21-October 20.

The first project of the YAP Istanbul Modern, "Sky-gazing Stopping-Place,*" will be floating on the unseen waters of the Bosphorus beneath the Istanbul Modern, casting shadows on the museum gardens and reflections on the space on which it stands all through the summer. This lively addition, through the course of its short life, will turn the museum gardens into a part of the city silhouette and will be seen from vantage points along the Bosphorus and from the higher levels of the city. People in the garden will walk under the swaying shades during the day and enjoy their time beneath the glittering and changing reflections when night falls. Buoys planted into the waters directly underneath the gardens will form the basis for posts that will be rising up from the sea, changing the landscape as they move with the waves, continually dancing with the shadows, converting the gardens into a city stopping-place... To rest, gather, play games or just gaze at the sky...

* Turgut Uyar (Dünyanın En Güzel Arabistanı-The World's Most Beautiful Arabia)