Mona Urinal Lid without Holes, Back Water Inlet, Back Output

Mona Urinal Lid without Holes, Back Water Inlet, Back Output

Product Code: 4017B003-0309

VitrA offers urinals options that complete aesthetic and functional integrity compatible with different series.


  • Product Properties Water Saving
    Green Building Certification
  • Connection Type Back Water İnlet
  • Breeam 7
  • DGNB 5
  • EPD Yes
  • Leed 9
  • Material Ceramic
  • Water Saving Amount 5
  • VitrAclean No
  • Colour White


All drawings contain the necessary measurements which are subject to standard tolerances. For exact measurements, in particular for customized installation scenarios, it can only be taken from the finished ceramic product.


Eczacıbaşı Design Team

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